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Web Development  |  Product Design  |  Architectural Design  |  Structural Analysis  |  Interior Design  |  UX/UI

Rap Music Machine Learning Analysis (2022)

Utilized natural language processing (NLP) methods to identify lyrical trends and predictions in rap.

Soodie (2020)

Designed in 24 hours for the WFN Product Design Sprint, aimed to reduce plastic pollution in the food services industry.

In collaboration with Mitchell Li and Justine Trieu

Y-Fit (2020)

A full-stack fitness application designed to keep track of the user's strength training progression.

UWMCC Web Development (2020)

Designed and built a website for UWMCC as a part of the marketing strategy.

Typing Speed (2020)

A web game that calculates player's typing speed (WPM) and their average speed across different difficulties and rounds. 

UWMCC Marketing & Rebranding (2020)

Digital content created for the University of Waterloo Management Consulting Club's rebranding initiative.

Bamboo Silva
Bamboo Silva Pavilion (2019)

Sculptural bamboo pavilion proposal for the Waterloo Park Arboretum development plan.

Serpentine Pavilion 2018.jpg
Serpentine Pavilion Analysis (2019)

Structural, interior arrangement, user design, light, and air analysis of the Serpentine Pavilion 2018 by Frida Escobedo.

Playground 3D Render
Elizabeth Ziegler Playground (2019)

A budget-friendly playground designed for the Elizabeth Ziegler Elementary School, located in Waterloo, Ontario.

Solenad (2019)

3 level shopping mall in Santa Rosa, Philippines. The directory is designed to show navigation between buildings and stores.

Screenshot (95)_edited.png
Plaza Mayor (2019)

1 level shopping mall in Malaga, Spain. The directory helps shoppers navigate around the mall.

Environmental Reserve Bunkee (2018)

Mini house / bunkee designed for the University of Waterloo environmental reserve. Minimal environmental damage, low budget and sustainable.

Chicken Coop Front Elevation Final_edite
Chicken Coop (2018)

A backyard chicken coop designed for 5 chickens while meeting the Kitchener Waterloo region backyard building code.

Modern Loft Design (2017)

Interior design focused project of a modern loft, tailored for a young adult.

Lake Side Mansion
Dunbarton Lake Side Mansion (2016)

Designed and built a model of a lakeside mansion for a young professional seeking for a place to network and entertainment.

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